FACE by Delia is a professional make-up and hair styling company created to make women look their absolute best on the most important days of their lives. Delia has used her skills at weddings, pageants, photoshoots, corporate events, and parties.

Delia is very well connected within the pageant communities, and many of her clients include beauty pageant winners in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Utah. She is a former Miss Seattle (2013), Miss Kirkland USA (2014), and Miss Washington World (2015). Delia is highly regarded for her Bridal make-up and hair styling skills. In fact, it was only after multiple requests from many of her fans, friends, and co-contestants that she developed the idea to do make-up professionally.

Delia started her first business out of her college dorm room at Northwest University where she studied Organizational Communication and Media Studies. She went on to open a retail boutique just south of Seattle, WA, at only 22 years old. She was a co-owner of an affordable online accessory store (PolkaDotCloud.com), a former writer for TDZdaily.com, and a former host of a show called “The Delio.” Some of her other secret talents include singing the alphabet backwards, color-coding closets to perfection, and being able to find the harmony to any song ever written. Connect with Delia via Instagram here!


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