Best Foundations

If it was the year 2005 and I had to create a top 8 on MySpace, these foundations would be the ones that made the cut! Finding the right foundation is extremely important. I help women find their correct shade every–single–day. As a beauty stylist at a large retailer, I essentially work as a personal shopper in cosmetics. I’m not with one specific cosmetics line and my job is to make your shopping experience easy. I thought I’d help give you a few suggestions on my go-to foundations.

When picking a foundation out, I ask three important questions;

1. What is your skin type like?

2. What is your budget?

3. What are products you’ve used in the past and why did you like or dislike them?

4. What kind of coverage are you looking for?

By asking these important questions, I am able to sift through dozens of products in my head to narrow down the correct match for someone. Hopefully this list will be helpful for you.

1) My favorite foundation of all time is La Prairie’s “Skin Caviar Concealer + Foundation.” Why does this one trump all the others? I get the most complements on my skin when I wear it. I know that seems like an interesting reason to rate a number one foundation, but its true. Whenever I wear it I am constantly asked what foundation I use. I love that it is super buildable. I would consider this the all in one foundation. You can just dabble a tad on your face for a natural day look or you can layer it and create a fuller coverage look. Did I mention it comes with a full coverage concealer and magnified mirror? This is hands down the best foundation but like mom always said, “you get what you pay for.” This foundation has a $230 Price Tag. Yes, you read correctly. This foundation is the cost of a puppy. It is the price of MCM wallet, a trip to Whole Foods, four trips to the gas station, and the amount equivalent to seeing 15 movies as an Adult. Is it worth it? Well maybe. So I like to savor it and only wear it only on special occasions.

2) My favorite everyday foundation is the YSL “Touche Eclat ALL-IN-ONE GLOW” foundation. It’s seriously stunning!!! It is oil-free, has 70% water, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and antioxidants. You need this water weight foundation! Most people think I don’t even have any make up on when I wear it. I have converted over a dozen former tinted moisturizer users onto this foundation. This worth-every-penny foundation is only $48! That’s the cost of a nice bottle of wine, two heavy-duty jumper cables for your car, or 3 necklaces from Forever 21.

3) I LOVE the beautiful lightweight look of Sisley’s “Phyto Teint Eclat.” It is an oil-free, lightweight fluid foundation. It works beautifully on all skin types especially on those with oily skin. I wear this foundation when I want a flawless, natural finish. I call this one my “Jessica Biel” foundation. She always looks super fresh and flawless when she hits the red carpet. This one will cost you $122. That is like one trip to Trader Joes, two trips to the gas station, five pedicures, and the price of five Kylie Jenner Lips kits.

4) Next, the most pigmented full coverage foundation without looking cakey is Estee Lauder’s “Double Wear MAXIMUM Cover.” This foundation is BOMB. It is over the top. It covers everything! I used this foundation on pageant contestants, prom glam girls and anyone wanting to hide any scaring, hyperpigmentation, or rosacea. If you want a lather of coverage, used this on your face and body. It has an SPF of 15 but its nothing a little HD powder can’t combat on stage. This dramatic foundation can cover tattoos, acne, birth marks, and even your darling little freckles. It’s the small cost of one trip to the gas station in a hybrid at only $42 or 26 snickers bars.

5) Giorgio Armani’s “Luminous Silk Foundation” is one of the most stunning finishes I have ever seen. I have not found anything that comes close to it. It is said that this is Kim K West’s go-to foundation. It is your J-Lo glow! Out here in Arizona, we do anything to make our skin look hydrated and dewey. Luninous silk is our gallon of water. LOVE THIS foundation but your significant other will not. You’ve been warned. You will look fabulous but your husbands white shirt will not. DO NOT SNUGGLE YOUR BAE WITH THIS ON. This foundation is $64, the price of a used Nintendo 64 on ebay…. probably.

6) On days where you want to convince your boyfriend that you look super fly with a minimal about of make up on, Gently blend in Guerlain’s “Meteorites BABY GLOW” foundation. The first thing you will notice is how great it smells. Once it’s on your face, you will literally transform your fatigued looking face into brunch ready make up. It is the perfect “I woke up like this” foundation. This lightweight product will set you back $54. That is the cost of 5 overly priced mimosas, 23 cheeseburgers at IN-N-Out, and dinner for two at Olive Garden.

7) Want the coverage of the Double Wear Maximum but the silkiness of the Luminous silk? Ding, Ding, Ding!!! Guerlain’s “Lingerie De Peau” will leave you feeling glam on the daily. Guerlain is a Louis Vuitton brand so please feel free to feel hella bougie wearing it. It has an SPF of 20 and is $63. (Remember to still use a sunscreen even if its in your make up) That’s the price of filling your fish tank with 8 Betta fish. Call me a hater but I’d take the foundation any day over the lavishly colored tank swimmers.

8) Rounding out my top at number 8 is Chanel’s “Vitalumiere Aqua” Foundation. It is oil-free and a water-based foundation. It is a natural finish. This foundation is perfect for the girl who wants to a step up from a tinted moisturizer. This is her gateway into foundation. It is a beautiful foundation and great on young and mature skin! This will cost you the amount of 12 medium Blizzards at Dairy Queen with a tag of $50.